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BBC: Planting trees improves soil quality and water storage

Surfer creates island eco-haven with ancient knowhow

Happy New Year!!

The January 2nd BBC news article (click on link below) is about a surfer who worked the last 20 years restoring degraded pastural land in Panama into a productive agroforest system with crops and trees. Thanks to the advice from the local Ngäbe-Buglé indigenous community, it is "a thriving, forested eco-haven". It says "... also provides "green infrastructure" that can protect the environment, such as soil in intact forests which can absorb water to prevent flooding and release it during the dry season to prevent droughts. Mr Lijo has noticed that the quality of the soil on his land has improved since he started reforesting."
The Forest Flows Programme and Scion is investigating if planted forests in NZ can store water during the winter and release it in summer . There is increasing scientific evidence that forests greatly enhance the amount of rainfall entering the soil (Infiltration), rather than running off on the surface. If a substantial amount of rainfall absorbed in winter by planted forests is released in the drier months, they could be an important source of water.

Forest Flows is funded by the NZ Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Endeavour Programme.


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