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Presentations at NZ and International Conferences

Over the last month, the Forest Flows team have had the privilege to present at three conferences about Forest Flows. I've presented at the NZ Forest Growers Research Conference ( in Nelson NZ, and at the Soil Science Society of America Tri-Society Conference ( in Baltimore, USA. Scion's Jen Owens and NIWA's MS Srinivasan presented at the Lakes Water Quality Symposia ( in Rotorua, NZ. Each conference had different audiences with different interests and concerns. However, Forest Flows overall objectives on quantifying tree water use, catchment water storage and release, and water quality were highly applicable to each one.8 We are now in the data analysis phase of the programme. We look forward to sharing the first results in 2023. 
Forest Flows is funded by the NZ Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Endeavour Fund Programme.


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